Well it’s a new year and i thought i would start it off with a little porno u know my other favorite thing other than MMA i like MMA but i love pussy the next best thing 2 make’n money the root to all evil..

Let me start with Black Amateur Blow Jobs a website with sista’s  giving white guys head  these guys love getting head from chickenheads from the hood now in my opinion the best damn head job i got was from a fine thick butt white women not saying sista’s don’t give good head some do but a white women will suck that dick tell it tapout and have no problem swallowing the cumm but a sista very few will swallow the cum unless you got a freaky sista and that’s hard to find unless you got a porn star..lol.

Just give me the pussy a blow job is ok but to me there’s nothing better than a wet warm pussy so if you like a little head from a sista check out..


Now on to Pebblez da model with measurements of 34-26-45

45 inches of ass lord have mercy ass for days even a blind man can see that ass from the back.She is from the dirty south where only home grown ass are built form all that country eatting of grits and gravy and big iron skillet corn bread her credits include Sweet Magazine,Diary of a dimepiece and Sea award winner a very sexy fine beautiful brown skin sista the kind i like a 5 star chick so check out Pebblez at..


oh did i say i like a 5 star chick got sexy swagger,brown skin, long hair with door knocker earrings thats what i like..



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