Well it’s that time of the month time for me to talk about my favorite subject  other than mix martial arts sex, fuck’n,pussy and ass lick’n..I told you guys who follow me on twitter that this month it’s going to be raw..I took it easy last month this month it’s filthy mouth lets get right to it..

Now i follow this sexy model chick name Maliah on twitter sexy brown skin sista who’s pussy and asshole i would love to taste and fuck run balls deep in that pussy pin her to the bed and make her take it who know’s she may be one of those sista’s who can take a well endowed dick all black women can’t take big dick ..Sheh as appeared in video’s and magazines like xxl mag and king mag and video’s with busta rhymes,twista,thegame and fabolous..

Go to her website check out the video and see how she spread those asscheeks and let  them close and wiggle a real sexy vid check her out ..


The next sexy model chick i saw on the net is Ms Juicci mmmmmmm just how juicci can she get .The cute type you can take home to mama you fell me i saw her on a site called summer bunnies looking all good and tasty she been in vids and magazines like the source and smooth and been in music vids like most sexy model chicks been in she has a little video up of her at a car show  and her appearing in bgs video check her out and see for your self..


One of my favorite porn sites is any twat a thumb gallery post of different porn sites and i know i’m not the only motha fucka who watch porn you freaks watch the shit to don’t get it twisted i’m not a porn addict just like to watch some good porn from time to time like most men ,women watch the shit to i know this fine light skin honey who watch porn on the regular got the shit on her t.v. all the time i can call her on the phone right now and you can here porn in the back ground but any way back to any twat  my favorite porn site you can see good clip of sists’a take’n dick in pussy ,ass and mouth just raw fuck’n them hoe’s..You have not had pussy tell you had some good black ghetto pussy hot ,wet and creamy i’m talking bout ghetto gaggers man these guys have sists’a gagging on dick and throwing up last nights dinner just dogging out pussy ,ass and mouth well to me thats the only way to fuck rough fuck a bitch it not good unless it gagg choked and rough fucked..

Like Little Wayne said i wish i could fuck every girl in the world well almost every girl..


Until next month when i will bring you some of my favorite porn sites and sexy video honey’s keep it real be your self and don’t let any body try and change you unless it’s for the better ..peace…

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