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The first time i saw Tonya was back in the 80s at Gold Gym in Kansas city.Well some years has passed and i ran into her again at a mixed martial arts show i was sponsoring she was working the bar was not able to talk to her much she was really busy at the bar and i was busy taking pictures and mingling with the crowd..

I had her flex those muscles for me there was a guy at the bar who also snapped some pictures seem like we was the only two guys who thought she was hot some guys don’t like the female body builders ..She still sexy to me look good with those tight jeans on with those tight firm ass cheeks damn that ass look good.

Tonya has been in many muscle magazines like flex,muscle and fitness and iron man she won Ms.International 1991 she also won the bodybuilding Grand Prix in 1991 she
is one of the original gladiators from 1989 through 1993 55 episodes Tonya Knight is the O read what he said.G. The Original Gladiator…..

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