Who gives fuck don’t let people put you in a box some people want you to act a certain way and if you don’t act the way they want you are labeled the bad guy.

You got to be yourself you do you not somebody else just because Brock was clowning after he kicked Mirs ass it offended some people may be he did go a little over broad with his behavior after the fight he got tired of Mirs mouth and bullshit ..Now i don’t believe in disrespecting any one you respect me i will respect you don’t be a puppet on a string and have people tell you how to act and what to say you be you..

If Brock do fight Shane that will be a good heavy weight fight Shane is going to bring it he’s not going to lay there and take a ass kicking the way Mir did

i believe the fight will go to the 2nd round with Brock’s arms raised again still heavy weght champion..


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