Kimbo Slice vs Houston Alexander two big strong bodybuilder built brotha’s are going to go toe 2 toe don’t think in this fight there going to be a submission win

it’s going to be a knock out in this fight.Kimbo here is your chance to show the world you want to be a Ultimate Fighter Dana White has given you  another shot at it don’t fuck it up and lose to Houston then some motha fuka’s going to think ah this guy just talk tough he not tough sure he can kick ass on the streets but when he fights a mixed martial artist he gets his ass kicked..Houston Alexander is a monster he loves to stand and bang,bang,bang he got some knock out power he can put ya on ya ass with submissions and strikes if Kimbo has his submissions and ground game down he has a chance to beat Houston if not well Houston will have his hand raised in victory here is a clip of Kimbo vs Houston video preview…

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