Dana White seem to be a little pissed about the media coverage Herschel Walker is getting from his MMA debut with StrikeForce.

Herschel did a excellent job being his first MMA fight he has kept him self in good shape for a man his age it  may motivate some guys to get them selves in better shape and not blow up like the goodyear blimp. But let keep it real he would get his ass whopped it he fought a real UFC heavy weight he know it and i know it i just knew they was going to get a tomato can to fight Herschel i was not impressed with the guy at all seem like he did not really try hard enough to win the fight but who am i to say that i’m just a arm chair couch seatting on my ass just looking in but that the way it looked to me .

Herschel i give you your props you did your thang man now lets  see what he will do next just bow out the winner before some one do whoop that ass…



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