Kongo is getting ready for his fight with Frank ”all ways running my mouth”Mir..Well most fighters talk a lot of shit running that damn mouth pumping them self’s up for the fight.

The greatest of all time Ali was one of the best at it some times your mouth can get you in a world of trouble.Well Kongo is next in line to get a piece of Mir.

The fight is UFC 107 December 12th now Kongo have a chance at winning the fight if he keep the fight standing with his long reach use his jab and thai kicks he can win but he must look out for Mir’s ground game he has great submission skills to bad he could not work that ground game on Brock..

Kongo’s ground game is not bad but not as good as Mir’s that just my who cares opinion..Just saying Kongo has a chance to win the fight good luck to both fighters it do take heart to step in the cage to kick ass and get ass kicked check it out..


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