Brock’s conditioning the fight is Nov 21 still over a month away can’t wait for this fight there going to be some heavy hitters in the cage that night.

Shane Carwin a well conditioned fighter him self not taking any thing away from him but Brock still going to keep his belt he not ready to give it up yet.

The ex WWE super star is getting his cardio and conditioning in tip top so he can open a can of whoop ass on Shane I don’t see Shane taking the belt from Brock it’s not gone happen.

When Brock kick Shane’s ass i would love to see him clown him the way he did Mir but it may not happen since the fans think that not the way a champion is surpose to act.Brock was clown’n Mir got all in his face and was talking shit not good for the sport ahh..But who know’s Shane just might fuk Brock ass up that’s the way the fight game goes you never really know what will happen.

So how is your conditioning Shane can you go toe to toe with the big man i know you not going to lay there and let Brock hammer fist your ass i sure your big ass going to fight back and throw your big hams as well sure to be a

barn burner so look at a clip of Brock’s cardio and conditioning program..

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