Went to the fighters weigh-ins friday night at the big sky bar downtown kcmo

hate going downtown parking a bitch driving all around trying to find a damn parking spot.Get there soon as i get to the door i see a sista with a big phat ass the ass so big it need it’s own area code the kind of ass i like..So they had the weigh-ins in the back of the bar just there to see the fighters take some pictues of the fighters to post on my website get my tickets from the promoter since i am the sponsor and be out.. Really don’t like crowds of people around me but did have a good time any way..Check out the ass on the females there was some fine white women in there some with a phat ass and them thick thighs i like but you can’t top a ass like a sista’s ass  i wanted to talk game to some of them females but oh yeah i’m married …lol

My wife would kill me ..lol  ..well make me sleep on the couch ..lol ..are better yet pull one and just don’t come home late yeah thats the ticket ..lol

Well maybe next time be sure if there’s tickets left come by and checkout the fights ther ewill be some good fights to night i will be there  to see who i may sponsor..peace…

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